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Author’s note: although this guide is intended for the Raspberry Pi, SSH is actually a universal tool that will work with most *nix-based operating systems, like Linux, Unix, macOS, BSD, and others. Howver, the exact steps will differ between operating systems.

SSH, also called Secure Shell, is a super powerful tool that allows you to remotely connect ao computer and execute commands. However, it also supports features like file upload, X11 forwarding (seeing your windows remotely), and more. This guide is intended for people who are trying to SSH into their Raspberry Pi and will contain information that is Raspberry Pi-specific.


This table of contents lists common tasks you might want to do with SSH. Click on one to jump to the corresponding section.

Executing Commands

This one should be farly obvious, so I’ll work on adding it at a later time.

File Upload


We upload files over SSH using a tool called SCP, which stands for Secure Copy Protocol and provides a way to copy file ssecurely.

X11 Forwarding