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A text-based adventure by Gideon Tong.

Welcome to the resources page by Gideon Tong! This website provides guides on how to create a software or hardware (read: computer science) project of any kind. It aims to help new programmers and experienced programmers alike, providing good tutorials until they reach the point where simply reading the API docs is “good enough.”

Like reading? Check out some books here.

See advice on programming languages here. Or check out the wiki here.

Get the downloads fast and easy here.

Help! I’m totally new.

If you’re looking for a UCSD Raspberry Pi tutorial, learn how to set up a Raspbery Pi on UCSD’s network here.

If you’re totally new to the world of programming, that’s okay. All you need is smart device, like a computer, tablet, or phone to get started. Don’t have one? Check out your local libraries, as they usually have some internet-connected computers for you to use.

I reccomend learning Python as your first programming language, as it’s super easy to learn and is almost like writing pseudocode, which is the word programmers use to say how we think the code should work in English. You can check out an example on Wikipedia here.

Outside of that, the current version of Python’s tutorial (At the time of writing, the latest version of Python is 3.8. There may be some reasons you may not want to install the latest version, but for now, downloading and installing the latest version is fine.) can be found here. You can download it for your computer here. If you’re using something like a cellphone to learn programming, you should skip to the page called Getting Started with Mobile Programming or if you are using a public computer where you can’t install software, you should skip to the page called The Poor People’s Guide to Programming.

I like hacking instead.

That’s fine too! However, cybersecurity tools, tutorials and projects are not currently the focus of this website. Although they are in the works and there are plans to add some soon, there are currently not availble to users of the website. If you would like to contribute, feel free to shoot me an email at

In addition, you can view information about homework assignments here.


See the credits page for credits to contributors to the website.